Wilder Pfaff (3456m)

Only for experienced high alpine hikers, or with a professional mountain guide

1250 meters

Height difference

5 hours

Ascent time

4 hours

Descent time



The trail to the Wilder Pfaff travels south-west along the valley floor (WildeWasserWeg) until the glacier’s edge. Once on the glacier, always hike orographically left over the Sulzenau glacier, and continue until you are almost at Pfaffenjoch (approximately 3250m). Be alert: from around the middle of summer, most of the snow pockets on the Sulzenau glacier have melted. That means steep sheets of ice, open crevasses and rockfalls! From the Pfaffenjoch we continue in a large loop to the left upwards to Pfaffensattel (between Wilder Pfaff and Zuckerhütl). Here it is reasonably steep until the summit.

Return is via the same route, or continue over the east slope of the Pfaffenjoch to Müllerhütte or Becherhaus. On the next day, many hikers return to Sulzenauhütte via the Wilder Freiger.