Stubai High Trail

Stubai High Trail (Stubaier Höhenweg)  is a real nature experience, here are pictures, downloads and stage descriptions of the most beautiful high Trail. With a total length of 120 km and 8000 meters difference in altitude the Stubai High Trail (Stubaier Höhenweg) makes high demands on the walkers. Surefootedness, a good walking condition, no fear of heights and suitable equipment are essential to explore the mountains of the Stubai valley on their best.

Stubaier High Trail

Stubaier High Trail

The Stubai High Trail can be undertaken in either direction. The route starts or ends at Innsbrucker hut or Starkenburger Hut.

The hike can be interrupted at any hut. Every base offers the opportunity to descend to the valley and alternatively you have the possibility to ascend to each hut from the valley. For this reason stages of the Stubai High Trail can also be planned individually or just for an elongated weekend.


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We have putted together here how you can hike along the high trail from hut to hut.

A folder (PDF) about Stubai High Trail can be Stubai High Trail Folder downloaded.


to Starkenburger Hut

Option 1: from Fulpmes via cableway

After ascent by cableway Kreuzjoch you reach the hut comfortably in 1,5 to 2 hours from mountain station Schlick 2000.

Option 2: hiking from Neustift

Starting from Neustift (1200 metres difference in altitude, very steep ascent), from Neder or from bottom station Schlick 2000 in Fulpmes. For all ascents are required 3,5 to 4 hours.

Starkenburger Hut

Starkenburger Hut is a comfortable hut of the club alpine. It was built in 1900 by the section Starkenburg. During last years the hut was fit up into a contemporary standard with focus on energy savings (photovoltaic equipment) and improved ecology. On the terrace you have an outstanding panorama of the Stubai Mountains with their numerous 3000 meter peaks. The hut is advisable either for a day hike or as starting or finish point of the Stubai High Trail. Families and children are warmly welcome. Rooms and dormitory are partly renovated and invite you to stay overnight. The hut offers room for 60 hikers. There are lots of opportunities for circular walks and tours.

from Starkenburger Hut to Franz-Senn-Hut

Altitude: ⬆ 440 Hm ⬇ 530 Hm
Duration: 7 hours
Distance: 15 km

You follow the signposts “Seejöchl” and Franz Senn Hut through the southwest hillside below the „Hohen Burgstall“ and come around the „Blachnsattel“. You cross a large field of stones and gravel beneath the „Kalkkögel“ and come around to the „Seejöchl“, 2525m. Above the lake in Schlick you continue to „Sendersjöchl“. From there you follow the south facing steep descent in serpentines (partly secured by rope) to „Rote Wand“, continuing on constant altitude later you slightly descend to Seducker Hochalm (open). From there you continue to „Hohen Schöne“ and in a short, very steep descent into the „Viller Grube“. Short ascent to the „Steiniger“, partly secured by wire ropes. Now the trail crosses the southeastern hillsides of the upper „Oberberg“ valley and after a short descent by a few serpentines you achieve Franz Senn Hut after approx. 7 hours.

Franz Senn Hütte

Pastor Franz Senn had the idea of a tourist lodge with 12 hay beds. Since 1885 the Austrian alpine club section Innsbruck is the owner of the hut. During one century Franz Senn Hut became one of the leading hiker bases in the eastern Alps. Every kind of mountain sport is possible around the hut: climbing parks with fixed rope routes, wild water path, flying fox, and summit tours on rock and ice. The Franz Senn Hut is also open in winter (from end February until beginning May) and leaves nothing to be desired for ski touring.

Franz-Senn-Hut – New Regensburger Hut

Altitude: ⬆ 650 Hm ⬇ 500 Hm
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 8 km

This stage is one of the shortest and easiest along the Stubai High Trail. The view from Basslerjoch is second to none on the Stubai main range. From the hut you start off on flat terrain into “Kuhgschwetz”. Now the ascent to “Schrimmennieder“ commences. Over the first scarp you walk into the „Unnütze Grübel“ and after the next short ascent you reach an extended ridge. You follow the softly descending path in the upper “Platzgrube”, which you cross towards its eastern edge, by a few steep serpentines you easily gain height, finally you make a long crossing to the right to „Schrimmennieder“. From “Schrimmennieder“ lots of serpentines lead downwards to the passage trail from Milderaunalm to Neue Regensburger Hut, following the trail you walk almost on flat terrain to the hut.

New Regensburger Hut

The hut was built in 1930/31 and is located imposingly over a step at the edge of „Hohe Moos“, flanked by a waterfall. In western direction you can see the top of the valley and the „Ruderhofspitze“, in the east the imposing mountain ”Habicht”. The near climbing park offers an alternative for walks and hikes. In the hut´s surrounding a small lake invites you to take a cold bath on warm days. On a cold day you can take a warm shower in the hut. Finally we recommend you enjoying the culinary offer with a glass of wine. Rucksack delivery to Dresdner hut is available.

New Regensburger Hut – Dresdner Hut

Altitude: ⬆ 900 Hm ⬇ 850 Hm
Duration: 7 hours
Distance: 12 km

From the hut along „Hohe Moos“into the valley, afterwards you ascend towards the lake „Falbesoner See“. Before you reach the lake the trail crosses the valley below “Hochmoosferner” and leads to the steep ascent up to the “Grawagrubennieder” (2,5 h from New Regensburger Hut). From “Grawagrubennnieder“ you walk below the glacier tongue of the „Grawawandferner“ and you cross some steep hillsides with rock ribs. You pass below the lake “Mutterberger Sees“. Now you descend into the lower bottom of the „Glamergrube“, and in a contrary ascent through „Wilde Grube“in a saddle and further downwards to Dresdner Hut.

Dresdner Hut

Dresdner hut was built by the alpine club section Dresden in 1887 in the upper Fernau. In 2008 the hut was fit up into contemporary standard and offers lodgment for hikers and skiers. Double and four-bedded rooms, dormitory with warm and cold flowing water. Comfortable restaurant and excellent cuisine provide culinary delicacies. Starting point for lots of summit tours in the Stubai main ridge. Fixed rope route Fernau on Egesengrat and climbing parks are nearby. The hut is located just 5 minutes from mid-station of the Stubai glacier cableway. In winter the hut is an ideal base for skiers in the ski resort of the Stubai Glacier. Rucksack delivery to New Regensburger hut is available!

from Dresdner Hut to Sulzenau Hut

Altitude: ⬆ 400 Hm ⬇ 500 Hm
Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 4 km

From the hut to Stubai glacier mid-station. Behind the building you cross the bridge over the mountain break „Fernaubach“, then the ascent starts over boulders to junction „Trögler“ or „Peiljoch“. Advanced mountaineers have the opportunity to ascend the „Trögler“ (approx. 2 h) over serpentines to the summit and 1 hour descent to Sulzenau hut (attention rope savings), not advisable at rainy weather or snowfall. The trail over “Peiljoch” is steep but secured by ropes (approx. 1,5 hours). You descend over serpentines, afterwards over the ice-moraine of the Sulzenau glacier and you reach in approx. 1 hour Sulzenau hut. Our special tip: take a pass the Blue Lake on the way to the hut. The place at the lake is stunning and presenting genial view to glacier, mountains, valley as well the intensive color of the lake. The huge collection of stone cairn’s at lake makes the place to a “must visit”, which you should view.


We have web page Peiljoch for further Information on the route. And here we have photo impressions of the Peiljoch trail.

The Sulzenau Hut

Compared to our neighbors, you don’t have such a long tour to us. Therefore the Sulzenau Hut is a good enterance for all who don’t want to hike the whole High Path. Starting from the Sulzenau Hut you can visit easily and less exhausting the Lake Grünau and the Blue Lake. Starting from Sulzenau Hut you can really hike and climb many tours and summits, but for more Infos we have created a special Tours-Page. Close to our hut we have a Flying Fox, a Slack Line, a rock climbing garden. We also do have a goods cable lift to transport your Rucksack’s into the valley.


from Sulzenau Hut to Nürnberger Hut

Altitude: ⬆ 650 Hm ⬇ 550 Hm
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 5 km

The trail leads in east direction crossing some breaks upwards to “Grünausee“, the largest mountain lake of the Stubai Alps provides a picturesque resting place. After recreation you continue upwards in northeast direction passing other small mountain lakes. At good weather conditions you should absolutely ascend “Mairspitze”. The summit reopens views over large parts of the Stubai High Path. Otherwise you can shorten over the „Niederl“. The security ropes make it easy downwards to Nürnberger hut. Another summit variant is a tour over the “Gamsspitzl” (3.050m), but until August there is mostly to cross a steep snow field. Walking time up to variant 3 to 5 hours.

Nürnberger Hut

The hut was built in 1886 in midst imposing glacier ground. Our comfortable restaurant invites you to a homely hut´s evening. You will be indulged by culinary delicacies of own agriculture and the local region. Enjoy our “Marende” (=afternoon snack) or a piece of home-made cake on our sun terrace with newly built veranda. We accommodate you in large, comfortable bed rooms and dormitories. Worthwile destination in huts surrounding offer an active program for the whole family, for a day excursion or for a few days. Nature rock and Boulder wall, two climbing gardens, fixed rope route, Flying Fox, high moor „Paradies“, viewing peak Mairspitze 2.780m, lake Freigersee and Wilder Freiger 3.418 m.

from Nürnberger Hut zur Bremer Hut

Altitude: ⬆ 600 Hm ⬇ 450 Hm
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 5 km

On this stage you can watch the impressive influence of glaciers on the landscape and stone forms. From Nürnberger Hut you start on flat terrain over extensive glacial erosion until the trail descends to Langetalbach. You pass a bridge and walk over flat terrain on the other valley side, after a scarp out of the valley you reach by passing an ascent with stone plates the so-called „Paradise“. From there further upwards to the on 2754 meters located “Zollhütte” (toll hut) on the “Simmingjöchl“. From “Simmingjöchl” you start at a steep descend becoming flat to Bremer hut. For the whole stage you need 3,5 to 4 hours.

Bremer Hut

Bremer hut was built in 1897 by DAV section Bremen and is run by Family Pranger since 1972. Not only the small, traditional hut, but also the fascinating nature, such as waterfalls, lovely mountain lakes, high moor, glacier giants and the interaction of fauna and flora gives you adventure. In order to relieve your ascent Rucksack delivery is offered from the valley station of the supply cable car and from Innsbrucker hut.

from Bremer Hute to Innsbrucker Hut

Altitude: ⬆ 800 Hm ⬇ 850 Hm
Duration: 7 hours
Distance: 9,5 km

This route is one of the most challenging and longest stages, with a walking time of 6 to 7 hours. At good weather conditions advanced mountaineers have the opportunity to hike a short, well-secured chimney (secured by wire ropes and steps) passing mountain lake “Lauterer See”. The regular trail leads below the „supply railway“. Both trails start slightly, later becoming steeper upwards to Drauljöchl. Descent over rocky area and through the extensive hollow „Draulgrube“, finally there´s a secured ascent over „Wasenwand“ (Attention!) to Pramarspitze. Further on through “Glättegrube” and to the last contrary ascent up to “Sendesgrad”. Easy walk downwards on the foot of mountain “Habicht” and passing the lake „Alfaier See” you reach Innsbrucker hut.

Innsbrucker Hütte

Since 1949 Family Egger & Hofer cares of Innsbrucker hut with lot of love & engagement. Beautiful location, very good hut´s comfort (warm water showers, more-bedded rooms and dormitory, comfortable restaurant, marvelous panorama sun terrace). We indulge you by regional Tyrolienne delicacies. Worth wile destinations: Habicht 3.277m, Kalkwand 2.564m, fixed rope route Ilmspitze (C-D), beginners fixed rope route, mountain lake „Alfeier“. Rucksack delivery is available from Gschnitztal valley and to Bremer hut.

down from Innsbrucker Hut

Option 1: Through Pinnis valley to Neder
In 1hour from the Innsbrucker hut to Karalm. From there either by taxi back to the valley or walking through the Pinnis valley to Neder (approx. 1,5 hours).

Option 2: Over mountain station Elfer to Neustift
In 1 hour from Innsbrucker Hut to Karalm. From there in 20 min. to Pinnisalm and easily ascending to mountain station Elfer (1 hour). From there by gondola to Neustift.

Following Map/Info Folder about Stubai High Trail can be downloaded here.


Photos of Stubai High Trail

Lake Sulzenau 2014

Lake Sulzenau 2016