Mairspitze during sunrise 2016



The Zuckerhütl, highest mountain of Stubai valley

Wilder Freiger

Photos of Wilder Freiger (sunrise pictures taken on Mairspitze)

Stubai light in the mountains by Guus Reinartz

Pictures from the book and mulitmedia Show “Stubai light in the mountains”.

Sulzenau hut 2015

New look after intense alteraions

WildeWasserWeg Trail

Photos of the Sulzenau in spring

Way to Sulzenau hut in pictures

Pictures of our trail description.

Stubai High Trail over Peiljoch

from Dresdner hut to Sulzenau hut

Sulzenau Lake

Pictures of a new glacier lake

Sulzenau Lake 2014

Sulzenau Lake 2016

Photos from Torsten Mühlbacher

A huge thank for the cool impressions!

Season start 2014

New pictures of Sulzenau & the hut.


Pictures of Sulzenauhütte.