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2. January 2024
Sulzenauhütte 2023

Season 2024 is likely to start at 15th June

We are gladly looking forward to have a sunny summer season and a nice time with our visitors.The preparations for the season start at 15. June […]
30. March 2023

Opening period 2023

Dear guests, we will open at 18th of June 2023, last overnight stay this season 30th of September to 1th October 2023. We are looking forward […]
4. May 2021

The hut will open likely from 18th of June 2021!

The season 2021 will likely start from 18th of June 2021 and ends with the last possibility for a overnight stay from 29.9. to  30.9.2021.
3. March 2020
Zuckerhütel during sunrise

Opening period 2020

Dear guests, we will open at 20th of June 2020, last overnight stay this season 22th to 23th of September 2020. We are looking forward to […]
24. February 2019
Sulzenauhütte 2018 Hauptseite


Season dates of the Sulzenau hut 2019: First overnight stay from 14.06.2019 last possibility 28.09./29.09.2019.
28. January 2019

Opening period Sulzenauhütte 2019

14.6.2019 – 29.9.2019
24. February 2018
Sulzenau hut from Sulzenaubecken

Season 2018

Dear Guests The Season 2018 will be startet on the Sulzenau hut, at 15. June 2018 and last possibility to stay over night will be from […]
6. September 2017

The season 2017 ends at 18th September

The Sulzenau hut is closing this year little bit earlier, therefor reconstructions works can be done. We wish everyone a nice end of the mountain season […]
24. August 2017
Sulzenau lake - 2017

Sulzenau lake in change

Über die letzten Jahre war es für die Besucher des Sulzenausee immer wieder faszinierend wie sich der See zu ändern vermag.Aber heiße Tage und viel Regen, können den See in etwas verwandeln, wodurch die Gewalt der Natur […]
18. August 2017

Sulzenau hut open again

Since water supply and electricity at the Sulzenau hut is restorted, we can offer our service again. As this restorations are only provisional, the services can […]
16. August 2017

Access from the valley and the Stubai High Trail passage at the hut are open again

The trail to Sulzenau hut and Sulzenaualm is now provisional fixed and accessible again. The Stubai High Trail bridges over the Sulzenau stream at Sulzenau hut […]
21. June 2017
Sulzenauhütte 2017

Wild Water Trail repaired

A part of the Wild Water Trail was destroyed by huge falling rock. Because of this reason, it was temporarily not possible to hike to the […]
11. June 2017

Parking site Sulzenau hut free of charge for visitors of the hut

From this summer parking fees are charged for  the parking sites of the Wild Water Trail. Guests who walk up to the Sulzenau hut find a […]
31. January 2017
Sulzenau hut - Stubai High Trail

Season start 2017: 10. June 2017 and end beginning of October 2017

We are looking forward to welcome you again at Sulzenau hut and Stubai High Trail.
28. November 2016

Magic sunlight at the Mairspitze

Mairspitze: twice a day, when the golden hour starts at sunrise and sunset, the sun presents us with a magical moment in nature. In the morning […]
9. June 2016
Stubai light in the mountains by Martina & Guus Reinartz

Stubai light in the mountains

The new photo book “Stubai light in the mountains” has pictures inside of the same named multi vision show “Stubai light in the mountains”. Those pictures […]
25. September 2015
Sulzenau hut from Sulzenaubecken

Opening Sulzenauhütte 11.6.2016

Sulzenauhütte will open at 11.6.2016! Football freeks are allowed to watch the football games of the Euro 2016! We hope all our visitors will have a […]
21. September 2015

Impressions of the inauguration on 12. Sept. 2015

The Inauguration was very fine, so therefore a huge thank you to all contributors, Apline Club Section Leipzig and actors, also a Special thank to the […]
8. September 2015
Sulzenau hut at Stubai High Trail

Inauguration at 12.September.2015

The inauguration ceremony of Sulzenau hut starts at 12.September.2015 at 10:00 h Programme Welcoming of guests Speech of 1. chairman of Sektion Leizipg Germane Alpine Club […]
14. July 2015
Sulzenau hut

Sulzenau hut altered and photographed

The Sulzenau is now finaly altered 🙂 Of course everyone is curious about the changes, what is new and how it looks. Also criticized points of […]
19. May 2015
Wild Water Trail - Primula minima

WildeWasserWeg Trail: Spring in Sulzenau

New photos of spring in the Sulzenau and WildeWasserWeg Trail. On the way to Sulzenauhut, is in this year less snow than last year, so spring […]
23. April 2015
Gentian, Sulzenau, Stubai High Trail

Season start 2015, at 25. June

The Sulzenau hut is under modernisation. Since this modernisation is very extensive, the therefore required construction works did already start last year in summer and is […]
12. January 2015
Cofe at Sulzenau hut

We are Hut checker!

Now the Sulzenau hut is also rateable at the hut rating portal Hü We are happy to look forward for good ratings.
26. October 2014
Sulzenau hut

Upgrade infos – news from the Sulzenau hut

For everyone who is interessted into infos of the upgrade works of the Sulzenau hut we have created a new page Upgrade. We also have on this page […]
16. October 2014
Valley in snow

Winter room closed 2014/15

Because of massive reconstructions in the autumn which haven’t been finished, is the winter room closed for winter 2014/15! There is no possibility of cooking and […]
9. October 2014
Sulzenau hut, Stubai High Trail

Hut test

Thank you very much for the positive rating at Hut test! You made us to the best rated hut at the Stubai High Trail 😀 This […]
30. September 2014

Season end 2014

With 1. October the Sulzenau hut closing the season 2014. Thanks to our guests, visitors, mountaineers and to our co-worker team. Next year we have the […]
29. September 2014
Sulzenau hut telephone

New telephone number

Our new telephone number +436642716898. Since our nostalgic telephone stuff has come into ages, it is now the time to switch to a newer system. Now we have a connection which is up to date. So please don't use anymore the old number 052262432 for calling us.
12. August 2014
Sulzenau hut, Stubai High Trail

Building alteration – accomodation

Because of building alterations of the Sulzenau hut we are kindly asking for your understanding, that is not possible to stay over night at the hut […]
11. August 2014
Climbing at Sulzenau

Refreshed climbing crag

We have refreshed for you guys our climbing crag at the Sulzenau hut, now it’s up to date! Chains and additional hooks are installed from real professionals […]
29. July 2014
Hicking to the Sulzenau hut

The way to the Sulzenau hut

Since this topic is interesting for many visitors, which want to visit our hut and want to visit us, we have extended our internet web. With […]
2. July 2014
Wild Water Trail - Primula minima

Photo impressions from the way to the hut

Many want to know more about how to get to the hut. Sooo we gathered some nice pictures which provide a small impression about what you […]
11. June 2014

Sun and Stars from Torsten Mühlbacher

Huge thank for Sun and Stars! We really like to receive them 🙂 Torsten Mühlbacher was so kind and sent us his pictures from the Whit […]
1. June 2014
Primula minima

Season start 2014 in pictures

Season start 2014 in pictures, news of Sulzenau & the hut. Sulzenauhütte, Weg, Stubai, HöhenwegSulzenauhütteWeg zur Sulzenauhütte, Stubai, HöhenwegWeg zur SulzenauhütteSulzenauhütte, Weg, Stubai, HöhenwegSulzenauhütteNachwuchs, Stubai, HöhenwegNachwuchs […]
23. March 2014
Dumpling with salad or kraut

Season start 2014

Dear mountaineers! We will be opening this year’s season on 5th June 2014. From this day on, people can stay overnight. For overnight stays of groups […]
16. February 2014
Campanula scheuchzeri

More content

Since the new homepage is online, we have ongoing developments in the background. Now our homepage has many new features to offer, in the header we […]
2. January 2014
Sulzenau hut in Snow

New year, new web page

Meanwhile the Sulzenauhütte is remaining in winter and snow, we have celebrated here in the valley the turn of the year. We are wishing everyone a […]
15. October 2013
Season end 2013

Season end

The lights have been switched off at the Sulzenauhütte and the hut is officially back in her winter hibernation. For winter guests, there is an emergency […]
1. September 2013
Big thanks to our stuff


We want to say thanks to our hard-working staff, who despite the busy days were always in a good mood and had time and patience for […]
30. August 2013
Summit Cross Aperer Freiger

Aperer Freiger summit cross, it stands again!!

The summit cross on the Aperer Freiger After the ‘singing summit cross’ became victim to a lightning strike in late summer 2011, the Aperer Freiger now […]